APP-Projekt – let’s take to the courts together!

21 April 2022

APP-Projekt is once again to be the Main Sponsor of the Eurobuild CEE Annual Tennis Tournament – and so we would both like to invite tennis fans from the real estate and construction sectors to take part in the 17th meeting of this sporting event.
“APP-Projekt has been active on the market for years, and this has, of course, also included its involvement with this sporting event. So, we feel that the Eurobuild CEE Tennis Tournament could not take place without our active participation. Therefore, in 2022, we will naturally be continuing with this corporate and family tradition,” emphasises Michał Korwin-Małaszyński, a member of APP-Projekt’s management board.
This year’s tournament will be held on May 27th, on the courts of the Warszawianka tennis club. The players will be entered in three categories: the men’s singles, the women’s singles and the doubles.
“We hope that the attendance will be even higher than last year, and that the emotions and weather conditions will be equally as good. The tournament is a great opportunity not only for healthy, sporting competition, but also to meet up with industry partners and establishing new business relations,” adds Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński, a member of APP-Projekt’s management board.
Both Jacek and Michał Korwin-Małaszyński have taken the top honours in previous meetings of the Tournament. In 2021, they achieved third place in the doubles.
For more information about the event:

The 18th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament
Klub Tenisowy Warszawianka
Piaseczyńska 71, 00-765 Warszawa