An invitation for tennis from APP-Projekt

10 March 2021

“As a long-term partner of the Eurobuild tennis tournament, we are proud to continue with our cooperation in organising this year’s event, especially in such difficult times,” emphasises Jacek Korwin-Małaszyński, a member of the management board of APP-Projekt, the Main Sponsor of the 16th Annual Eurobuild CEE Tennis Tournament.

“We really identify with this tournament for the real estate sector, not only as a company, but also as individuals, because both ourselves and other APP-Projekt employees take an active part in the competition,” adds Michał Korwin-Małaszyński, who is also a member of APP-Projekt’s management board. It should be remembered here that both the Korwin-Małaszyńskis have won the biggest trophies in our tournament – a significant achievement, because (although all the players are amateurs) the matches are played at the highest level.
The tournament is mainly played out between those working in the real estate sector, quite often business colleagues who occasionally collaborate with each other. Thus the event provides them with the opportunity to maintain these contacts. But it is also an excellent chance for establishing new relationships. The pandemic has severely curbed our ability to plan social events and hold business meetings, but industry sports tournaments are ideal for filling these gaps in our lives. We are confident that this May we will be able to meet up without any problems on the courts in Warsaw – not just face-to-face, but safely and in an atmosphere of healthy sporting rivalry.

We invite you to take part on behalf of ourselves and our main sponsor – APP-Projekt.

The 18th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament
Klub Tenisowy Warszawianka
Piaseczyńska 71, 00-765 Warszawa