It’s not just about the winning… but also the winnings!

5 June 2019

The winners of the Eurobuild Tennis Tournament always earn the respect of their fellow competitors, as well as the admiration of fans and recognition from their colleagues. However, victory always tastes better when it is sprinkled with some more… material benefits. And we can provide plenty of those!

The vouchers for weekend stays at Malinowy Dwór and City Park as well as for training under the supervision of the Herrero Tennis Academy are not the only prizes that await the winners of the first three places.

Gifts and vouchers for goods from their stores are also being provided by Polish brands Recman and Solar clothing, which are, respectively, the official sponsor of the Polish Men’s National Tennis Squad and the official partner of the Polish Tennis Association. Nationwide fitness club chain Calypso has also contributed packages of accessories to the prizes, which include passes for the club. Stimium supplements, a range of nutri-protection  entirely designed for athletes, will also be among the prizes, as will water bottles from SIGG and tennis accessories provided by sports store Amazing. Cushman & Wakefield will also be supplying a number of surprise gifts in its role as one of the sponsors.

The tournament will be taking place in just three weeks’ time. And, who knows, something else might yet be added to the already jam-packed bag of prizes! :)

The 18th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament
Klub Tenisowy Warszawianka
Piaseczyńska 71, 00-765 Warszawa