Monika Żywiecka successfully defends her title

1 June 2021

On the eve of the 16th Annual Eurobuild CEE Tennis Tournament, several people could be seen on the courts of the Warszawianka club, getting in some last minute training before the competition. Among them was Monika Żywiecka. And, as everyone knows, practice makes perfect.
As a result, on May 28th, Monika Żywiecka took to the court at Warszawianka in excellent shape, determined from the outset to reclaim last year’s championship title. There was no let up, from the very first to the very last ball. Her opponents couldn’t even catch their breath as they struggled in the face of this onslaught. Almost inevitably, Monika picked off each of her opponents one-by-one: 6: 0, 6: 1 and 6: 2. The runner-up was Agata Stelmach, while Agnieszka Bejda took third place. Congratulations to the ladies for the great spirit each of them showed during the competition and, of course, we encourage you all to take part in next year’s tournament!
But at the same time, we wonder why so few women enter the tournament. We strongly encourage any female players to take up the gauntlet, start training today, and enter the competition next year!

The 18th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament
Klub Tenisowy Warszawianka
Piaseczyńska 71, 00-765 Warszawa