Singles or doubles – everyone’s a winner

1 June 2021

Winning in the tennis doubles does not entirely depend on whether the partners regularly play together, but it certainly makes it much easier to challenge for the main trophy if they do.

The doubles competition at the 16th Eurobuild CEE Annual Tennis Tournament on May 28th also set the stage for some unforgettable drama, as it was both this year’s singles and last year’s doubles finalists who faced each other across the net. The players, who are obviously experienced at this format, did not disappoint us – the same two pairs came first and second in the category last year. Thus it wasn’t some temporary winning streak or a case of beginner’s luck that led to this face-off. Rather it was the result of a lot of hard work on their form, and also – that crucial factor in doubles – choosing the right partner so that each has an almost telepathic understanding of the other on the court. Filip Bojdo and Krzysztof Stempień undoubtedly click together, since they eventually triumphed to take the doubles crown, despite the gallant efforts of runners-up Bartosz Hys and Anton Bashtavy. Joint third place was taken by brothers Jacek and Michał Małaszyński as well as Mateusz Anioł and Michał Literski. The spectators were left gasping in admiration at the physical condition of the competitors, who packed into one day (sometimes from one hour to the next) matches in both categories – singles and doubles. The finalists had to play eleven matches overall. The sounds of the first rallies could heard on Warszawianka’s courts at around 9 am, while the last were played at around 6 pm. Congratulations to the players for keeping in such fantastic shape and for their excellent performance!

The 18th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament
Klub Tenisowy Warszawianka
Piaseczyńska 71, 00-765 Warszawa