Tailors Club – the perfect tennis partner

8 March 2021

Among the important things each winner of our sports competitions takes away – apart from the trophies – are the more ‘material’ prizes. One of the main prize sponsors kindly providing these rewards for the winners at the 16th Annual Tennis Tournament organised by Eurobuild CEE is Tailors Club

When asked for their reasons for taking part in the tournament, players often say that they enjoy meeting friends from the sector, having a nice day out and working on their fitness as they prepare for the tournament itself. Nobody competes just for the prizes, but they do add a little spice to the event while giving recognition to the high quality of the play (and they’re a nice little souvenir, too!) So we recommend entering the tournament both as a way of improving your fitness levels and making new contacts – as well as the chance to battle it out for the trophies. We are inviting you to this year’s tournament on our own behalf and that of Tailors Club, the sponsor of the prizes. As the name suggests, Tailors Club is renowned for tailor-made creations that suit the individual desires and tastes of the most demanding of customers. The company offers a wide range of personalised products – everything from blouses, shirts and suits to coats. By taking part in the 16th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament, you can become the proud owner of a custom-made shirt by Tailors Club. All you have to do is climb high up the results ladder – preferably to the very top, where vouchers for these exclusive wares await the winners. And in keeping with the spirit of the times, these can also be redeemed during a virtual meeting with the stylist.

The 18th Annual Eurobuild Tennis Tournament
Klub Tenisowy Warszawianka
Piaseczyńska 71, 00-765 Warszawa